Neuromuscular Therapy Training for Manual Therapist.
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Neuromuscular Therapy Training for Manual Therapist.

Pain management is without question the most lucrative and sought out service of Massage Therapy. American’s spend billions of dollars to minimize their pain and take drastic measures, from toxic medications to radical surgeries, trying to find pain relief. Just one successful pain relief client can result is tens to hundreds of referrals to your private practice.

Pain relief, however, is also the most complex and difficult areas for a massage therapist to work with. But knowledge is power and this Ultimate Neuromuscular Therapy Seminar presents the most up-to-date information, most important tools, most powerful techniques and lays them all out in a step-by-step process so that you can become a confident expert at Pain Relief.

Never again will you shrink away or doubt your ability or expertise to help someone release pain with massage. Proudly advertise your expertise as an NCBTMB Certified Neuromuscular Therapy Specialist. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your private practice and multiply your clientele with referrals from happy, successful pain free customers.

In this Ultimate Neuromuscular Therapy Seminar you will receive:

  1. 18 hours of live hands-on instruction

  2. Plus an additional 6 days of unlimited access to a weekly workshop

  3. 100 page Neuromuscular Therapy (PDF) manual

  4. 10 pages of handouts for your clients that will inspire, educate and motivate them

  5. 4 session guide including Massage Therapy pain relief outline

  6. Specific Neuromuscular therapy protocols for pain relief that work

  7. Interview questions and homework for your Pain Relief clients

  8. The “4 key ingredients required for Pain Relief success”

  9. Vital therapeutic tools including the: SUD’s Scale, Pain Referral Patterns Chart, Range Of Motion Chart, The Developmental Movement Patterns Chart

  10. The Movement Goal and Client expectation setting intake form

You will also learn to:

  • Build their motivation and determination with each session

  • Identify their stumbling blocks and create solutions that work

  • Inspire clients to relieve pain and gain a happier more fulfilling life!

Disclaimer: This seminar is designed for Massage Therapist who want to become specialists at Neuromuscular therapy. This seminar does not teach basic Massage skills or general Massage knowledge and is designed for professionals who already have completed or, are in the process of, pursuing advanced Massage Therapy training.

Meet Garrett Wood of Gnosis Therapy

As Manual therapists we have direct experience working with people in pain. Being able to explain pain and offering services that keep you within your scope of practice while providing immediate results and relief can be a grey area. This is further complicated by the fact that 85% of people that receive massage do so for medical reasons. Many of these people are referred by their physician’s. Working with pain, an output from the brain, is challenging for every practitioner.

Garrett’s experience with thought leaders from neuro-biology, neuro-physiology, neuro-psychology and manual therapy over the past 12 years have provided a unique perspective that informs this Neuromuscular Course.

Learn a practical approach to pain that allows you to create bespoke protocols informed by evidence based principles. These protocols enlist your clients active participants in their own healing. This frees you from the burden of having to feel like you are doing the healing. These techniques free you from the paradigm of modality based training.

Garrett has trained and developed hundreds of practitioners ranging from massage therapists, personal trainers, athletic trainers, doctors of physical therapy, doctors of chiropractic, and even a few mental health practitioners. Garrett’s passion for this work is fueled by his students and their clients seemingly miraculous, and sometimes rapid, results.

For more information about this course you may visit,

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A Different Kind Of Touch: Manual Therapist Workshop
7:00 PM19:00

A Different Kind Of Touch: Manual Therapist Workshop

Learn Assessment Techniques for manual therapy to ensure you are saving your time, energy, and effort. Learn how to look at the whole person to see where and how to intervene. Learn simple ways to determine which techniques are most appropriate for the clients presenting issues.

Come see the magic of massage revealed.

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Release Trauma and restore safety
6:30 PM18:30

Release Trauma and restore safety

Learning how to induce Nuerogenic Tremoring is for the sole purpose of empowering individuals to take trauma and stress recovery into their own hands. Trauma is an universal phenomena that is experienced individually. Neurogenic Tremoring is an innate mammalian phenomena that allows us to regulate our own nervous systems. Those who do not have access to a self-regulating nervous system from a young age are more susceptible to the effects of stress and chronic stress induced disease. The nature of our daily prolonged consistent stresses leaves most of us Burntout and Overwhelmed. Nuerogenic Tremoring is a natural, safe, effective and available to everyone willing to learn. Come learn how to develop this skill and experience peace, relaxation, reduction of hyperarousal, an improved body image, a greater ability to tolerate affects and an enlarged Window of Tolerance.

  • Wear Comfortable Athletic Attire

  • You will be moving up and down from the floor

  • Class is primarily instructional.

  • Feel free to invite a friend or two.

  • 6:30-8pm

  • RSVP Send and email with your name an contact information to

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Public Project Presents Casual & Conscious
10:00 AM10:00

Public Project Presents Casual & Conscious

Come nurture your soul and get lifted up through the power of connection, personal stories, music, movement and food. The inaugural launch of Casual Conscious series at the Paragon Space in Hollywood on April 6th 2019 from 10am-3pm. Have the chance to experience the cross section of culture and sustainability. It is a conscious gathering designed to uplift and inspire the collective whole and amplify awareness of the macro.


YOGA Flow:

CBD Cold Brew:


PANEL DISCUSSION: Modern Interpretations of sustainability that spans empowerment, culture, fashion and health. Garrett Wood a Thought Leader in the role of the Mindbody in creating sustainable health. Ami Hatami of Camille Reau and Spoken word Muse Arielle Estoria.

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