Relationship Strategies : The E & P Attraction

Elise Olavsen

Relationship Strategies is the most important relationship book you will ever read. Relationship Strategies reveals at last why we chose the partners we chose in relationships, why the honeymoon stage ends, why one partner starts to want sex more than the other and why we repeat the same patterns in relationships over and over. Relationship Strategies explains the subconscious forces that dictate our behavior in relationships and how to get those powerful forces working for us instead of against us.

Everyone should read this book regardless of being in a relationship or not.
It was my hypnotherapist that first told me about the two sexual personality types and it was a life-changing revelation for me. However, reading the book gave me a deeper insight on how it all links together. Plus, maybe even the answer to why opposites do, in fact, attract.

Personally, being a high 'emotional' engaged to a high 'physical' has had its challenges, but now, after learning about our sexual personality types, we can laugh about it and accept our differences instead of despising them. 

The two sexual personality types are 'emotional' and 'physical'. Not only do they come with different priorities in life, it is scientifically proven that they affect which side of the brain we're using on a daily basis.
The emotional is the reserved one, prioritizing work and hobbies above relationships and sex, whereas the physical is the highly social, outgoing person who puts the relationship first, living for the connection he/she gets with the partner during sex or any kind of intimacy. 
We all have a bit of the two personality types, however, one more than the other. 

Ever wondered why one partner suddenly takes less interest in sex while the other is still enthusiastically interested? Or maybe one partner wants to talk about the relationship, discussing the ups and downs when the other doesn't even want to listen? 

This book will give you the answers and you will never look at relationships the same again -- be it your own or others'.