Massage Therapy At Gnosis Therapy Long Beach #1 Mindbody Clinic

Massage Therapy

An evidence-based approach

Is Massage Therapy for me?

Massage Therapy may benefit you If you are experiencing:

  • Chronic physical pain

  • A desire to reduce stress

  • Frequent cold or flu symptoms

  • Depressive symptoms

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Anxiousness

I’m here to help

Does this pattern sound familiar?

You have tried everything.

You have talked to everyone.

You have done all the stretching.

You have seen so many specialists with no lasting results.

You know that you could be doing better but are frustrated by the lack of results from your all of your efforts.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Results you can expect

I know you'd rather feel refreshed and ready to take on the day, displaying your strength in the gym, at work and sport. Feeling safe and stable in your own body and life. Feeling capable, strong and resilient. Through Massage Therapy we can get you from burnout to breakthrough.

I have had pain for years. My hips and knees has always been stiff. I continued to do the homework Garrett assigned to me and I am happy to say my range of motion has opened up. -Mary Mejia

Garrett does PHENOMENAL work. I've seen him for shoulder and hip issues and it always amazes me how quick I see results. -Wilfredo Portillo

how we’ll work together

Clients typically see significant lasting change in 4 sessions. I recommend we work twice a week for 2 weeks. After our initial work together, my athletes see the most benefits from monthly check-ins.

Do you want to know what to do help yourself get out of pain? Do you want to increase your performance? A full body movement screen shows us where and how to work. Because every session is bespoke, we are able to work with you not on you—we’re bringing both your mind and body along for the ride.

Sessions take place at my office in Downtown Long Beach. Pricing starts at $125 per session.

Let’s do this.

After my first child I had a lot of movement issues that needed addressing so I could get back to dance. Not only did we address those concerns, but my long term movement constraints improved as well. I highly recommend his unique approach to the body. -Isla Jones

Had numbness in my hand for over a year. One session and I now have feeling in more than half of my hand after meeting with Garrett. Amazing practitioner! -Erik Garcia

Definitely worth it! Garrett blew my mind multiple times and has me thinking about my body and habits in a way I never had before. -Wyatt Sandoval

Garrett has an innate ability to find the source and move you out of pain. What he doing is very different. Give him a try before you decide on more drastic measures. -Lynnette Yasukawa

Garrett is great! In one session made drastic relief in my chronic shoulder pain. He gives you the tools to make you feel safe to move properly in any activity that you partake in. Definitely referring him to all my friends and family! -Haneef Zakee