Gnosis Therapy

Your body is your SUBCONSCIOUS mind


The biopsychosocial model is both a philosophy of our clinical care and a practical guide. Philosophically it is a way of understanding how suffering is interdependent with multiple levels of organization from societal to the molecular. Practically the biopsychosocial model guides our understanding of our clients subjective experience as the primary factor to successful outcomes.


Happiness is an inside job


Change is challenging. Everyone experiences unexpected opportunities. We are only aware of so little directly. How we react is often a program that we downloaded at traumatic times. Either as children from those around us, or from moments of great pain. These reactions have served their purpose. Now they are the obstacle. How you choose to respond now is what matters for tomorrow.

Is a Motivation or Movement Consult Right for me? Do you…

  • Unconsciously hold your breath to put on your socks and while getting up and down from sitting?

  • Dread getting up in the morning, opening emails, answering the phone?

  • Show up to your workouts regularly but fail to see significant lasting change ?

  • Feel proud of the work you do but still unsatisfied?

  • Spend time with your mobility tools and still feel the pain of old injuries, and a lack of flexibility?

  • Become frustrated by your inability to stay consistent?

  • Know you are more qualified than others, that are more successful than yourself?

Those who know, do. Those who understand others, teach.


We have worked with every type of performance driven athlete, Endurance athletes, Touring Musicians, Master Students, Moms and Dads, Contractors and Laborers, Golfers, Lawyers, ER physicians. We love coaching coaches of all types, DPT, ATC, DC, Pilates instructors, Yoga instructors, Personal Trainers, Group fitness Instructors, Massage therapists, Stretch therapists, Marriage and family therapists, Mental Health Counselors.

The Movement and Motivation course is to fill in the gap in knowledge and experience from the treatment table, and conscious intentions, to activity of choice, and subconscious scripts. Coaches of every variety are in the most efficacious position to impact their clients lives. This responsibility requires a collaborative efforts across modalities and paradigms leading a truly client centered practice.

Placing the client and their opportunity at the center of convergence of our specific knowledge of biological, psychological, and social systems, from the client's perspective, allows us to work collaboratively with each other and our clients. This Dispassionate-position allows us the freedom to create lasting solutions that unlock movements in moments.

After years of instructing all types of practitioners and coaches the overwhelming desire has been to keep people living a life of the highest Quality.  The 301 seminar is our answer and will provide coaches with a systematic movement assessment as well as the means to decipher which modality, tool, or technique that would be most impactful for your
Client. The course is a two 4 hour days, and includes a detailed Course Manual with background science, safety, and resources. The goal of this course is to not just identify opportunities but to learn how to impact those directly and immediately in an effective means that allows the client to get back to thriving.

Attendees will learn a complete system of movement assessments for the trunk, lower and upper body extremities. Coaches will have a more through appreciation for all of the systems that are involved in movement and motivation and how to impact it through a multidisciplinary modalities to affect the whole person. This seminar is designed to help attendees understand our various human systems, mental/ emotional, biological, and social  work together to create movement and motivation.

Whether you are a coach of any type, an athlete or weekend warrior, or simple a human looking to remove obstacles and restore function so you can arrive. This seminar will connect the dots of where, when, and why so you can work with you, and your clients, systems instead of against them.


Happiness is an inside job

Perception Training

Achieving goals is a beautiful means to experience life, learning and experiencing new things, reaching beyond perceived limits. Manifesting your creative intent through consistent effort creates positive feelings of accomplishment.
Many people feel that the best strategy to accomplish a new goal is to turn all of their attention to their inner drill instructor. This voice encourages you to be more, be better, be different. It berates us, calls us names, assumes the worst about ourselves and others.

Economists, philosophers, and psychologists know that humans are not automatons. Logic, Reason, and Willpower are not the driving forces of our behaviors. More often we act illogically. We often move too fast to collect all the relevant data. We often have not anticipated having to make so many decision. We rely on all types of encoded information and social-ques to navigate our daily lives. All the information we collect subconsciously and consciously is filtered through our beliefs and understandings, from our past experiences.

The drill instructor is not well versed in handling these scenarios. The drill instructor’s lack of compassion and understanding is assumed to be a failure on our part and serves as proof to ourselves that we are not worthy of accomplishing our goals. This leads most people to become dejected. Fearful to even begin to set goals.

When you self-worth and self-acceptance are tied to external achievements, your ability to experience happiness is blocked. Dopamine becomes your only reward. The more-is-better mindset only takes you so far. The nature of its diminishing returns has you constantly pursuing, but never experiencing, happiness. Feelings of guilt, shame and depressive symptoms begin to saturate your perception.

If instead we set our intent to manifest our creative desires out of appreciation and joy we create an opportunity to enjoy the process and ourselves as we develop. Choosing to set a goal from this space allows you a natural growth of self-confidence as you move toward your goal. This is a very different type of feeling than constant fear. Real and lasting change comes from enjoying yourself and the process.




It is not hard. If you have the right attitude. Having the right attitude is the work.


Today I had an epiphany about my confidence as a musician and a performer thank you, Garrett.
— Amanda. Percussionist
Just a few of the things I have learned from Garrett. Pain is not where you think it is. Taking care of yourself starts on the inside. Failure is only if you don’t begin.
— Cindy. Geriatric Xtreme Sport Enthusiast (Skydiving, Racecar driving, Zip-lining, Hang-gliding)
Garrett really cares about his clients, the homework is what really made the difference in my return to rugby.
— Lynette. Rugby player, Mua Thai fighter, ATC
The work I have been doing with Garrett to open my own practice has not just helped my life, but those of my future clients as well.
— Will. Gym owner
Loved the afternoon I spent with Garrett, the awakenings...will get me moving towards my vision. Acceptance can only be given, not earned.
— Omar. Leading National Sales Coach
I was able to take what I learned here and apply it to my personal life as well as my professional one. Understanding not just what people are doing, but learning their why, I am able to help so many more people now.
— Sherman Clark the Third. Artist & Author
I am so grateful for the confidence I have now interacting with people, knowing that I am offering assistance and education. It continues to be a game changer in my practice.
— Nick. Certified Massage Therapist
I had become accustomed to chronic pain and tissue tension. I had no idea how severe they had become until Garrett brought me Back to full range of motion, restoring strength. All that though massage! This work makes a difference in your workouts and your quality of life. He knows what to ask and what to test to find what the issue is and what to correct. Plus he is a really nice and caring person. If you know you have issues you would be crazy not to get his help. Do it. Do it now.
— Matt. Mental Health professional for county Youth programs & Weekend Warrior
I came to Gnosis Therapy after hip and back pain postpartum. After 10mins of manual work, my hip pain was gone. I am looking forward to getting back to working out without pain.
— Carolina. Hair Stylist