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Your worth is not measured by your PRODUCTIVITY


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Symptoms of Burnout:

  • Exhausted, even after a full nights sleep.

  • Unexplained pains and stiffness.

  • Anxious about performance. Afraid to let others down, preoccupied with deadlines and procrastination.

  • Avoidance of people, projects, and places that trigger anger or anxiousness.

  • Feeling out of sync with your community and commitments.

  • Easily Frustrated.

  • Preoccupied with accomplishment and or lack of.


Burnout is not recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, but that does not stop it from currently affecting 57.16% of staff at Google, and Amazon. This did not stop Arianna Huntington from sustaining a concussion after collapsing from Burnout. The EU-OSHA estimates that Burnout costs the US 400 billion annually. When our normal coping mechanism leave us overwhelmed Burnout is the result. The antidote for Burnout is resilience. Nurturing resilience starts with safety.  


In a Society that profits from your Self-Doubt. Self- Love is a REBELLIOUS act

motivational EXHAUSTION

When you find yourself procrastinating, even on mundane tasks. Struggling to keep or even create a routine. Fighting for work-life balance. Too exhausted to work on your personal projects. Unable to find time for yourself. Feeling more and more easily overwhelmed. Looking for ways to numb out. Nights of restless sleep and a stiff neck. Distancing yourself from co-workers, friends and family. You find yourself fighting colds and flu’s that never seem to end. Coffee no longer seems to help and weekend long sleep marathons do not help your exhaustion. It is time for a change.


The Body REmembers what the mind forgets.


When you break a bone you go to the doctor. She sets the bone and places us in a cast. Then the magic happens you heal. Your does all the work of healing itself. Given a safe environment for long enough you heal automatically. This is true for emotional and mental injuries as well as physical injuries.

You go through your days responding to people, places, and projects. When your ability to respond is overwhelmed our fight, flight or freeze response is activated. After the threat is over we are supposed to naturally return to a safe state. This safe state is how your body heals.

When threats are consistent and you cannot act out your desires your innate ability to return to a safe relaxed state is blocked limiting your body’s ability to heal.

Learning to remove these blocks and restoring access to a safe state is healing. This can be as simple as feeling seen, heard, and felt by another person that feels safe. Massage Therapy and Hypnotherapy are evidence based interventions proven to help you.


If you can not change yourself, how can you expect to change anything else.



…is a practical approach to understanding how we function as people. In 1977 George Engel wrote a paper that called into question the view that disease are best treated by surgical interventions, or managing symptoms. Engel argues that most of our chronic symptoms are poorly treated by this assumption of the bio-medical model and called instead for an understanding or the role emotions, beliefs, thoughts, and societal constraints played in disease. This shift Engel advocated for has become the Biopsychosocial Model.