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our story

The Marathon training took its toll. I won a bet and I had stress fractures, idiopathic syndromes, and various “itis” to prove it. We all need help. I will never regret making that initial investment in myself with the local big-box Certified Personal Trainer. Foam-rolling and stretching became my friend. The drastic improvement I felt in my body and the joy my trainer felt inspired me. In 2006 I became a Strength and Conditioning Coach.

As my vocabulary of Carries, Squatting, Hinging, pulling and pushing expanded so, did my need for active recovery of tissues, sleep, nutrition, and breath work. The concepts from Dan John, Mark Rippetoe, Robb Wolf, Kelly Starrett, Mark Twight and  Brian Mackenzie empowered me and my clients to train our bodies and minds.

In 2009, my chronic hip pain unresolved by RICE and the medical model lead to my personal discovery of bodywork. I loved the relief my clients and I experienced. My client frequency increased, as did their results. Again, I was inspired to go back to school for a license to touch, so I could offer Active Release Technique (ART).

The expanded awareness of the power of human touch and its role in Stability and Mobility patterns changed the lives of my clients. Beginning in 2011, I began using the principles from Gray Cook (SFMA), David Weinstock (NKT), Thomas Myers (Anatomy Trains), EriK Dalton (Myoskeletal Therapy) and Jose Palomar (P-DTR), with athletes, weekend warriors, dancers and desk jockeys. The role of the subconscious mind was slowly revealed through these courses.

The subconscious mind always seeks safety and what it knows. Often what we describe as weakness, pain, restrictions, inflexibility, and feelings of “stuckness” is a result of a conflict between our conscious desires and our subconscious needs. What we believe to be dysfunctions and limited range of motion are actually the subconscious’ simple solution to a complex need for safety.  Strength and Stability are granted by the central nervous system. In 2013 I began to share a synthesis of these ideas with other practitioners, coaches, and therapists.

We have to work with our “body-mind” to accomplish our endeavors. Perception is the primary driver of our abilities to adapt. David S Butler's explain pain it is clear that our experiences and our perceptions are filtered. Richard Bandler  (NLP) and George L. Engel ( Biopsychosocial) understand the importance that these filters play in our experience of pain and performance.

This intentional shift from symptomatic and modality centered care to client-centered care empowers our clients. From five practitioners to fifty five in the past five years we are growing as our clients continue to refer their friends and family.

Using Neurolinguistic programming we shift perception of pain and our ability to perform. It seems that Einstein’s notion that “you can not solve problems with the same type of thinking that created them,” is more apt than it first appears. Psychologists and Neuroscientists are now studying altered brain states, through psychedelic substances. These altered states of consciousness seem to impact addictions, depression, and PTSD.

John Kappas revolutionary work in the field of hypnosis offers our clients a similar result, without the substances. Creating altered states of consciousness Hypnotherapists are able to offer an alternatives to reduce pain, cope with loss, increase weightloss, increase sports performance, reduce the effects of fears and anxieties, reduce the effects of post traumatic stress and rewrite the limiting beliefs of the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is an emerging modality to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs, help athletic people get our of pain and in to life. Gnosis therapy is dedicated to empowering people and practitioners to change their results through changing their mind. We connect the dots with compassionate coaching that unlocks motivation and movement in moments.



You are the solution

mission statement

We help passionate people turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. We work with athletic people to get out of pain and back to life. We work help fitness professionals change their mind to change their results.



Asking for help is the antidote to shame

Core Values


Change Requires:

▸ Vision
▸ Skill
▸ Incentive
▸ Resources
▸ Action


At Gnosis Therapy we understand:

▸ The mind is primary.
▸ The mind is primarily subconscious.
▸ Our reactions are driven by subconscious perception.
▸ Distress is conflict between the conscious and subconscious mind.
▸ Our subconscious reacts to perception of safety.
▸ We can access our subconscious mind.
▸ We can shift the subconscious mind’s perception.
▸ Shifting perception of safety shifts reactions.
▸ Dissolving conflict between the subconscious and conscious eases distress.